Definition of intersubjectively in English:




See intersubjective

  • ‘Suppose we had an intersubjectively acceptable way of determining individual levels of well-being, where well-being is viewed as the level of satisfaction of the individual's full range of preferences.’
  • ‘These validity-claims are, first (and this is a presupposition of all other validity-claims) the claim that what one is saying has an intersubjectively shareable sense.’
  • ‘In works of art the instinctual obsessions are expressed through the vehicle of stereotypes, which is why they seem to be intersubjectively communicable.’
  • ‘In the latter, we-mode case, also a collective commitment to s must be involved, and we get the minimal sense of accepting for the group (and the involved we-mode togetherness that intersubjectively involves the group).’
  • ‘The exploration and further development of this intrapsychic differentiation becomes intersubjectively stabilised at a later stage through the playful creation of a shared space that is the condition for sociality proper.’