Definition of interurban in English:



  • Existing or travelling between cities.

    ‘the target is to reduce congestion on interurban roads’
    ‘they usually took the interurban railroad’
    • ‘On average, current prices for interurban travel in the UK are similar to the full external cost.’
    • ‘All of the Toronto region's communities were experiencing rapid growth, and thus there were new demands on interurban services.’
    • ‘The N9 major interurban route from Waterford to Kilcullen will be delivered in four separate contracts.’
    • ‘Electricity changed that in the late 19th century, powering interurban cars connecting rural and urban areas throughout Canada.’
    • ‘Interurban transportation and land-use policies will have impacts on all of the cities within a region.’
    • ‘"Key inter-urban links have to be upgraded and we're committed to doing that by 2006" said the National Road Authority's chief executive.’
    • ‘Britain ranked as the most expensive country for inter-urban rail travel, with Germany, Sweden, Denmark and France next highest in price.’
    • ‘Of the proposed inter-urban corridors, only the Dublin-Belfast project is near completion.’
    • ‘Speculation that the inter-urban franchise has been handed to a controversial rail operator has caused uproar in the industry.’
    • ‘The Government has made clear that no decision on the role of charging in reducing congestion on the inter-urban network has been taken.’


North American historical
  • A railway or train operating or travelling between cities.

    ‘the interurban provided a new predictable and comfortable way to travel’
    • ‘The sculpture of commuters "waiting for the Interurban" is one of my favorites.’
    • ‘Founded in 1901 and terminated in 1965, Pacific Electric was known as the World's Great Interurban.’
    • ‘The existing service, started as the Chicago, South Shore, and South Bend, is considered by some to be the last interurban, despite having few characteristics of one.’
    • ‘This picture of the Sand Springs Railway Co. interurban is undated, but the bunting indicates it could be the final trip in 1955.’
    • ‘The interurban was our only mode of transportation.’
    • ‘When IRR ceased operating in 1941, he made an effort to establish a museum group to save one of the last cars - IRR 65, a modern lightweight interurban.’
    • ‘The first heavy interurban to operate at IRM, car 431, stands at the original 1966 Olson Road loading platform that was the gateway to the Museum.’
    • ‘The interior of the station is set up like a small museum, showing old photos of streetcars and interurbans that once crisscrossed the area.’
    • ‘The real thrill for me was to ride Indiana Railroad 65, one of the high-speed lightweight cars built in the early 1930s in a futile effort to save the interurbans.’
    • ‘Also, while streetcars were typically open-air affairs, most interurbans were either fully enclosed, partially enclosed, or convertible.’