Definition of intervertebral in English:



  • Situated between vertebrae.

    ‘intervertebral joints’
    • ‘Cervical nerve roots exit the cervical spine through the intervertebral foramina between the vertebrae.’
    • ‘A backbone is composed of a series of cartilaginous or bony vertebrae connected by collagenous intervertebral joints.’
    • ‘Conjoined nerve roots are one pair of unilateral nerve roots in a unique dural sleeve that leaves the spinal canal through a single intervertebral foramen or at two separate levels.’
    • ‘The incidence of intervertebral narrowing and irregular ossification of the vertebral end plates has also been shown to be associated with increased age.’
    • ‘Indeed, the tight articulation of the vertebrae throughout the vertebral column obscures details of accessory intervertebral articulations.’



/ˌin(t)ərˈvərdəbrəl/ /ˌɪn(t)ərˈvərdəbrəl/