Definition of intolerability in English:



See intolerable

  • ‘Thirdly, the guidance fails sufficiently to acknowledge the heavy presumption in favour of life-prolonging treatment and to recognise that the touchstone of best interests is intolerability.’
  • ‘The US Army recommended that more trials be conducted in which soldiers were moved closer to ground zero ‘until thresholds of intolerability are ascertained’ - but this idea was turned down by the authorities.’
  • ‘Both delineated the intolerability of a pastorate that reified historical constructions of the self and its inner life and that then exploited this reification to its own advantage.’
  • ‘Our figures clearly show a mean increase in what we call intolerability, or the extent to which the world makes you want to scream.’
  • ‘If the proposition be sound, the corollary must be that when the conditions of detention deteriorate to the point of intolerability, the detainee is entitled immediately to go free.’