Definition of intoxicatingly in English:



See intoxicating

  • ‘The duo's series of massive photographic projections - an intoxicatingly ambient post-modernist take on the pathetic fallacy - were no less than dynamic, and must without further ado be purchased for the nation.’
  • ‘Politicians have, over the years, made repeated attempts to make our city unlivable, exciting and intoxicatingly dangerous by providing citizens with the arousing notion that any evening out could end up in trouble.’
  • ‘Balance, taste, consistency, all the skills I had worked so have to develop were blown away by page after page of vulgar, monstrous, intoxicatingly bold letterforms.’
  • ‘The chocolate tart was serious, indeed one of the very best - thin, crisp pastry, soft, deep, dark, intoxicatingly chocolatey chocolate - and only £5.’
  • ‘Day and night, the city is intoxicatingly alive - the endless street and water traffic, the honking of horns, the resonant call to prayer, the colourful markets, and the smell of food cooking in every street.’