Definition of intransitively in English:


Pronunciation /inˈtranzədivlē/ /ɪnˈtrænzədɪvli/ /inˈtransədivlē/ /ɪnˈtrænsədɪvli/

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See intransitive

‘Furthermore, the verbs are usually transitive, though occasionally they are used intransitively with a preposition like for, of, or about introducing the object.’
  • ‘One obvious step was to look on the Web for this particular verb used intransitively - or better yet, find a way to search more generally for sentences according to linguistically relevant lexical and/or syntactic criteria.’
  • ‘No, said another student, you can use find intransitively.’
  • ‘The verb ‘to right’ cannot be used intransitively on this level of abstraction.’
  • ‘It seems that our case is a case about disqualification and it is better - we would encourage using that word rather than ‘recuse’ transitively or intransitively.’