Definition of intraoperative in English:


Pronunciation /ˌintrəˈäp(ə)rədiv/ /ˌɪntrəˈɑp(ə)rədɪv/


  • Occurring or performed during the course of a surgical operation.

    ‘it is a quick procedure with a low risk of intraoperative complications’
    • ‘an intraoperative endoscopy’
    • ‘There was no general consensus among the orthopaedic surgeons we surveyed about how to cope with intraoperative death.’
    • ‘Table 4 shows the intraoperative pain levels for the outpatient group.’
    • ‘Two surgeons whose intraoperative protocols were identical participated in the study.’
    • ‘Several intraoperative factors may have influenced the outcome.’
    • ‘The patient developed a post operative hematoma, probably due to the intraoperative damage to the inferior vena cava.’
    • ‘In seven patients, the surgical approach was changed because of the intraoperative findings, mainly of "difficult" coronary anatomy.’
    • ‘Each patient's chart and intraoperative photographs were reviewed to confirm the grading of partial-thickness rotator cuff tears.’
    • ‘These women have to be identified with a variety of preoperative and intraoperative diagnostic procedures of limited accuracy.’
    • ‘Careful placement and padding will help avoid intraoperative injury to these regions.’
    • ‘Furthermore, although we focused on intraoperative anaesthetic techniques, postoperative neuraxial blockade has been shown to have additional benefits, at least for pulmonary complications.’
    • ‘Intraoperative bacterial cultures were obtained.’