Definition of intrathecal in English:



  • Occurring within or administered into the spinal theca.

    ‘intrathecal injection’
    • ‘Cerebrospinal fluid was obtained from the lumbar spinal taps or the intrathecal catheter.’
    • ‘Administration of an intrathecal opioid injection before continuous epidural infusion is known as combined spinal epidural analgesia, or the walking epidural.’
    • ‘The cerebrospinal analysis shows that the protein was elevated after placing in the intrathecal catheter and administration of chemotherapy.’
    • ‘Myelography uses a contrast solution in conjunction with plain radiography to improve visualization of the spinal cord and intrathecal nerve roots.’
    • ‘Referral for intrathecal administration is useful in rare instances, such as when pain is intractable to standard treatment.’



/ˌintrəˈTHēk(ə)l/ /ˌɪntrəˈθik(ə)l/