Definition of intrepidly in English:



See intrepid

  • ‘To this end she has begun persistently and intrepidly, balancing on the narrow window ledge, whilst knocking voraciously on the glass with her delicate little paw until someone does the honours and opens ‘her’ door!’
  • ‘More intrepidly, he challenged the planetary medical profession, which claimed that fat you ate became fat to hate - resulting in arteries that clogged and hearts that conked.’
  • ‘The audience who does not know her works, were also surprised because she intrepidly presented something that previously was considered taboo or at least controversial.’
  • ‘We venture intrepidly among all manner of beautiful lacy bits and pieces, most of which I doubt would withstand more than one wash without disintegrating.’
  • ‘They were intrepidly Irish at a time when anti-Irish feeling was rife in London, a multicultural fusion of styles and influences.’