Definition of intricately in English:


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  • In a very complicated or detailed manner.

    ‘intricately carved figures’
    • ‘a nuanced and intricately layered performance’
    • ‘This beautiful set piece is less a narrative than a series of intricately choreographed dances.’
    • ‘He peeled the disco ceiling back to find a steel support system, which he encased with intricately stenciled, boxed wood beams.’
    • ‘His care for well-defined blocks of color is almost lapidary, like the intricately wrought components of stained-glass windows.’
    • ‘Variously shaped domes decorated by intricately laid bricks formed fascinating geometric patterns.’
    • ‘The austere yet intricately planned installation unfolded like the entranceway to a temple of cognition.’
    • ‘The collage elements intricately play off the metaphoric conceits or evocative turns of phrase of the elaborately lettered texts.’
    • ‘Its intricately designed pattern of incessant movement unfolds with a remarkable smoothness.’
    • ‘Bits of intricately cut paper define a pair of dogs, a floor lamp, even the stripes of the man's pants.’
    • ‘Large groups of these figures, most of them dancing couples, are intricately organized.’
    • ‘Glossy black glaze covering the top portion of this piece runs down its intricately furrowed "neck."’



/ˈintrəkətlē/ /ˈɪntrəkətli/