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  • Arousing one's curiosity or interest; fascinating.

    ‘an intriguing story’
    • ‘it's an intriguing possibility’
    • ‘the food is an intriguing combination of German and French’
    • ‘Physicists model the topology of the universe in intriguing ways.’
    • ‘Elsewhere, there are intriguing exhibitions in every direction.’
    • ‘Yet there's an intriguing abundance of professional self-reflection on display here.’
    • ‘Two intriguing variations on the play were unveiled in 1973.’
    • ‘Our studies provide a firm foundation to investigate this intriguing notion.’
    • ‘However, this intriguing indirect effect certainly merits further investigation.’
    • ‘There are other intriguing facts about life in the Cliff Villages.’
    • ‘One of the most intriguing sections of the commentaries is how totally out of touch the creators feel with their audience.’
    • ‘But larger audiences turned out to be amazed at the excitement, vigor, and intriguing rhythms they had been missing.’
    • ‘If you're in the market for a role-playing game full of mind-bending teasers and intriguing twists, look elsewhere.’
    • ‘The marketplace is set out like a small Victorian street housing lots of tiny and intriguing little shops.’
    • ‘The writing style is also very logical, sometimes humorous, and occasionally intriguing.’
    • ‘The authentic restoration and sensitive adaptation of the building to the state-of-the-art requirements of its new owner posed intriguing challenges.’
    • ‘There is one particularly intriguing part of this statement.’
    • ‘While often surreal and almost intriguing, the film lacks direction.’
    • ‘It will be intriguing to see in which direction this important talent heads next.’
    • ‘Sadly, this intriguing series was never made.’
    • ‘The third meaning of intelligence has been the least explored, though it may be the most intriguing.’
    • ‘And, indeed, these predictions seem to be largely upheld, although there are intriguing exceptions.’
    • ‘The second option moves the other way and is more politically intriguing.’



/ˌinˈtrēɡiNG/ /ˌɪnˈtriɡɪŋ/