Definition of intriguingly in English:


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Pronunciation /inˈtrēɡiNGlē/ /ɪnˈtriɡɪŋli/


  • In a manner that arouses one's curiosity or interest; fascinatingly.

    ‘the film begins intriguingly with the barren autumnal landscape of New York’
    • ‘the trick is intriguingly complex’
    • ‘intriguingly, he refused to answer Ruth's question’
    • ‘He avoids the expected closure, letting the deeper meanings stay intriguingly open-ended.’
    • ‘The already complex spaces are animated in intriguingly theatrical ways with subtle patterns of light projected against cloudlike suspended ceilings.’
    • ‘The action began intriguingly behind a pair of large, suspended screens.’
    • ‘Intriguingly, the novel expresses no particular longing for him to have succeeded in any sense of the term.’
    • ‘Intriguingly, she adds lovely drawings on the backs of the panels.’
    • ‘In any case, it's a usefully ambiguous, intriguingly poetic title.’
    • ‘Even during the opening credits, he has intriguingly framed actions that struck me much differently on my first, theatrical, viewing.’
    • ‘Intriguingly, this very same print had sold at Sotheby's just days earlier for only $60,000.’
    • ‘The first mention of Gatsby triggers Daisy's memories of her former lover, generating a recurrent and intriguingly varied orchestral motif.’
    • ‘The piece, intriguingly lacking a byline, refers to the paper's editor.’



/inˈtrēɡiNGlē/ /ɪnˈtriɡɪŋli/