Definition of intromittent organ in English:

intromittent organ


  • The male copulatory organ of an animal.

    • ‘Unlike most bird species, drakes possess a penis-like intromittent organ, which allows males to deposit the ejaculate deep inside the female's reproductive tract.’
    • ‘This may be facilitated by the possession of an intromittent organ by males, an extremely unusual feature in birds, occurring in only 3% of all species.’
    • ‘However, in about half of the poeciliids, males do not display, females never cooperate during copulation and all matings are achieved by thrusting the intromittent organ toward the genital pore of apparently unaware females.’
    • ‘Each male possesses two intromittent organs, one on either side of the body, only one of which is everted during a single copulation.’
    • ‘Males in the live-bearing species have intromittent organs.’


Mid 19th century intromittent from Latin intromittent- ‘introducing’, from the verb intromittere, from intro- ‘to the inside’ + mittere ‘send’.


intromittent organ