Definition of inutile in English:



  • Useless; pointless.

    • ‘Later, he would denounce the war as inutile.’
    • ‘Starting from the ground up is the way 90 percent of the coaches in this league made it as far as they have, and that's one way to weed out the diligent from the inutile.’
    • ‘Or it may provide a site that, with the impetus of competition and showmanship, encourages inutile and obsessive activity.’
    • ‘The engine can even be inutile in an instant if it overheats and all other auto parts under the hood can also be damaged.’
    futile, pointless, purposeless, impractical, vain, in vain, to no purpose, to no avail, unavailing, bootless, nugatory, hopeless, unusable, ineffectual, inefficacious, impotent, fruitless, unprofitable, profitless, unproductive, unachievable, Sisyphean


Late Middle English from Old French, from Latin inutilis, from in- ‘not’ + utilis ‘useful’.