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Pronunciation /ˈinvərslē/ /ˈɪnvərsli/ /inˈvərslē/ /ɪnˈvərsli/


  • 1In the opposite manner, position, or order.

    ‘the volume of a gas varies inversely with pressure’
    • ‘Average revenue per user generated by mobile subscribers is inversely correlated with relative time of subscription.’
    • ‘By the early years of the Depression, the studio's stock was skidding inversely to its debt.’
    • ‘In general, the share of agricultural production in the member states varies inversely with wealth.’
    • ‘These stocks have a negative beta, which means they are strongly inversely correlated to the overall stock market indices.’
    • ‘In my experience, the human value of a design conference is inversely proportional to the size of its sponsors.’
    • ‘His success in a film is inversely proportional to the intelligence of his character.’
    • ‘Fiber in forages is usually inversely related to digestibility.’
    • ‘Subjective knowledge will be inversely related to the perceived evaluation difficulty of products.’
    • ‘Productivity increases, measured in real terms, moved inversely with the measure of excess employment.’
    • ‘By design, the payments will vary inversely with realized gross revenue per acre.’
    1. 1.1In an inverted manner; upside down.
      ‘an inversely conical bore’
      • ‘They designed a pair of inversely shaped museum buildings for the eco-friendly city.’
      • ‘An orthodontic model has a single-block body made of catalyzing acrylic resin with a pair of prism boxes inversely positioned.’
      • ‘The pair of bellows are inversely arranged the one upon the other.’
      • ‘The shoes can be inversely hung on the left rack body and the right rack body, respectively.’
      • ‘This is a complex case with a rare genetic disorder, renal transplant, renal stone, and inversely placed kidney.’



/ˈinvərslē/ /ˈɪnvərsli/ /inˈvərslē/ /ɪnˈvərsli/