Definition of inverter in English:


Pronunciation /inˈvərdər/ /ɪnˈvərdər/


  • 1An apparatus which converts direct current into alternating current.

    • ‘An electronic inverter converts the direct-current power from the solar panel to usable house current.’
    • ‘The inverter converts the direct current produced by the solar panels into AC power that can be used in the home or fed back into a utility power grid system.’
    • ‘An integral inverter changes the direct current to alternating current for transmission into the facility's electrical distribution systems.’
    • ‘The modifications included AC (alternating current) power inverters, on-board compressors, special machinegun mounts, and missile and smoke grenade launcher systems.’
    • ‘Intersil's ICL828 switched-capacitor voltage inverters address the need for higher power efficiency and lower operating current in battery powered, hand-held integrated comms products.’
    • ‘The inverter changes the solar direct current into the alternating current used by most household appliances.’
    • ‘Another problem stems from the use of an inverter that supplies alternating current in square waves, rather than the rounded, sine waves produced by conventional generating equipment.’
    • ‘These involve such requirements as extracting hydrogen from other sources, catalysts for faster reaction times, and inverters for transforming direct to alternating current.’
    • ‘Lieber, Ham and colleagues used their technique to produce nanowire-based logical inverters and ring oscillators, which are inverters in series.’
    • ‘A controller keeps the batteries from being overcharged, and an inverter converts DC electricity produced by the solar panels into AC electricity typically used by home appliances.’
    • ‘The cold cathode accessories each have an inverter, which converts power to the correct voltage and current suitable for the cathode.’
    • ‘An active backup power supply with PFC and power output regulation comprises a power factor correction circuit, a backup battery, an inverter and a control circuit.’
    • ‘Drive control apparatus for an air conditioner having a modular inverter and a control circuit mounted on a common substrate’
    • ‘Our idea is to take the output through the inverter to a storage battery and out to a pair of hub motors.’
    • ‘Simply connect the inverter to an available molex connector, and then connect both cold cathode tubes to the inverter on the opposing side.’
    • ‘This transformed 120 volts of power is stored in 60 two-volt batteries, which, through a computerised inverter, enable solar electric power to be available steadily all through, even during winter.’
    • ‘At present, the car's power control unit, inverter, motor-generator and a handful of other key components are made only in Japan.’
    • ‘The new transistor can be used as a low-loss power switching device in applications like inverters for home electric appliances, hybrid cars and switching power supplies.’
    • ‘This will provide a constant source of ‘clean power’ by means of an inverter, the device will also provide through its battery a limited amount of power after the power source has ceased.’
    • ‘The Dynacharger is a fully integrated system utilizing a bi-directional power inverter.’
  • 2Electronics
    A device that converts either of the two binary digits or signals into the other.

    • ‘I bought a couple of inverters, slim metal discs that sit on the data ports and change true signals to false, and false signals to true.’
    • ‘The inverters supplied with the Vantec tubes support two devices, so we plugged both the long tubes into that.’
    • ‘Current controller for controlling a current flowing in a load using a PWM inverter and method used thereby’



/inˈvərdər/ /ɪnˈvərdər/