Definition of investment adviser in English:

investment adviser


  • another term for financial adviser

    ‘he needs to hire an investment adviser to manage his portfolio’
    another term for financial adviser
    • ‘Be careful not to confuse an investment adviser with a broker representing a bundled, prepackaged investment platform.’
    • ‘A prudent investment adviser will assess the client's tolerance for risk.’
    • ‘Most investment advisers agree that dollar-cost averaging is the best way to invest.’
    • ‘We also found that in the institutional market there are lots and lots of middle-market investment advisers.’
    • ‘Meet with your investment adviser to see about rebalancing your portfolio.’
    • ‘Smith employs an investment advisor but has her eyes wide open about all her investment decisions.’
    • ‘A good risk management technique is to refer clients to more than one investment adviser, suggesting that the clients choose the one with whom they feel the most comfortable.’
    • ‘Investment advisers can help you choose the top performing funds in each asset class and monitor those funds.’
    • ‘He was receptive to a significant portfolio shift from fixed income to equity, and a referral to an investment adviser.’