Definition of investment casting in English:

investment casting


  • A technique for making small, accurate castings in refractory alloys using a mold formed around a pattern of wax or similar material which is then removed by melting.

    • ‘In 1980, Boye began experimenting with the technique of investment casting for making knife blades.’
    • ‘The alloys used for investment casting are very similar to those used for the sand casting process.’
    • ‘Unlike investment casting, however, evaporative pattern casting involves a polystyrene foam pattern that vaporizes during the pouring of molten metal into a surrounding mold of unbounded sand.’
    • ‘They can be cast using all the traditional processes including sand, permanent mould, pressure die, shell and investment casting.’
    • ‘You can pour any molten metal into these molds, thereby eliminating several steps required in investment casting.’