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Pronunciation /inˈvīələbəl/ /ɪnˈvaɪələbəl/


  • Never to be broken, infringed, or dishonored.

    ‘an inviolable rule of chastity’
    ‘the Polish–German border was inviolable’
    • ‘The property which every man has in his own labour, as it is the original foundation of all other property, so it is the most sacred and inviolable.’
    • ‘These sacred entities seem inviolable and non-negotiable and as long as they dominate, final resolution of our problems may escape us.’
    • ‘The one would be amenable to personal punishment and disgrace; the person of the other is sacred and inviolable.’
    • ‘Women deserve equal standing to men, and I hold that as an inviolable absolute.’
    • ‘Schily displayed remarkable vehemence and ruthlessness in his disregard for constitutional ground rules previously considered inviolable.’
    • ‘So, although Aristotle holds that ethics cannot be reduced to a system of rules, however complex, he insists that some rules are inviolable.’
    • ‘Something is sacred or inviolable when its deliberate destruction would dishonor what ought to be honored.’
    • ‘The right to property being inviolable and sacred, no one ought to be deprived of it, except in cases of evident public necessity, legally ascertained, and on condition of a previous just indemnity.’
    • ‘To achieve that end, we all need to tell each other and indeed, to convince our own selves that the Qur'an is the inviolable and unalterable word of Allah.’
    • ‘There is no inviolable sacred ground when it comes to reform.’
    • ‘In it, this right is described as being equal, inherent, inviolable, inalienable and should be protected by law.’
    • ‘I do not value life as an absolute, but I do value it in whatever form it is found as sacred and inviolable.’
    • ‘The rights protected by the constitution are inalienable and inviolable.’
    • ‘Will we be accused of living in Utopia by asking if there is anything sacrosanct and inviolable anymore?’
    • ‘If it is the indignity of sin that offends you, you still have a standard higher than the standard of goodness - the standard of your own dignity, your own inviolable self.’
    • ‘A 20-year veteran of the peace movement, Brubaker had learned one of the inviolable laws of the left: thou shalt not fraternize with big business.’
    • ‘But should we be amazed by the insight that our memories are not inviolable, or that identity is duplicitous, or that many of us spend our entire lives trying to please our parents?’
    • ‘The USA claimed that Latin America was its inviolable sphere of influence and claimed the right to intervene whenever American interests were threatened.’
    • ‘All the hopes we are pinning on the continuation of the processes of economic and political reform, on our very future, rest on our stability and security remaining inviolable.’
    • ‘No matter how dysfunctional and absurd a ‘state’ is, its sovereignty - ie the dictator's sovereignty - is inviolable.’
    inalienable, absolute, untouchable, unalterable, unchallengeable, unbreakable, impregnable
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Late Middle English from French, or from Latin inviolabilis, from in- ‘not’ + violabilis ‘able to be violated’ (from the verb violare).



/inˈvīələbəl/ /ɪnˈvaɪələbəl/