Definition of invisible mending in English:

invisible mending


mass noun
  • The repair of material or clothing in such a careful way that no sign of the repair can be seen.

    ‘look for a company that does invisible mending’
    • ‘Getting the carpet torn or burnt means you either need to replace the material which involves a huge cost or repair it by invisible mending in Perth.’
    • ‘There are 15 steps in the making of a sweater, from moving yarn from bundles to cones, to knitting, to washing and ironing, to invisible mending.’
    • ‘I was hired to work on invisible mending: fixing cigarette burns and three-corner tears in $700 suits.’
    • ‘Her working hours were spent repairing torn garments; this was called invisible mending.’
    • ‘The long skirt needs some invisible mending at the edges.’
    • ‘Invisible mending is aimed toward a good appearance, as an obvious mend will stand out and ruin the total effect of a garment.’
    • ‘I am very skilled at invisible mending and I have found a small shop to rent; I will take in old and torn things and try to make them serviceable.’
    • ‘Is a bold patch on your jacket adequate, or do you insist on invisible mending, on having it look as if there never were a rip to begin with?’