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  • Offering the promise of an attractive or enjoyable experience.

    ‘the sea down there looks so inviting’
    • ‘The bottom line is that on the table, a salad should look cool and fresh, inviting and attractive, says Mr. Jacob.’
    • ‘Here was the inviting prospect of a vision of peace and normality in the Middle East.’
    • ‘The primary goal of redevelopment was to create an inviting and comfortable pedestrian experience.’
    • ‘Rarely has a branch of science offered more inviting prospects for a novice hoping to undertake research.’
    • ‘Especially inviting is the entrance alcove, with wooden park benches bathed in sunlight from the street-facing windows.’
    • ‘His amazing attention to detail is both inviting and seductive.’
    • ‘Rogers adopts a strictly chronological approach, which makes his book an engaging, inviting read.’
    • ‘London's combination of easy wealth and gastronomic promiscuity make it an inviting target.’
    • ‘Tourism websites show its tranquil streets, its attractive grey stone kirk and its inviting hostelry, The Torphichen Inn.’
    • ‘Moreover, their book makes an attractive coffee table volume with its inviting format and illustrations.’
    • ‘The ground floor also features antique wood panelling on the walls and front bar with an inviting open gas fire near the entrance.’
    • ‘The defender's control let him down, the inviting chance lost, yet such spontaneous invention fully merited the resultant applause.’
    • ‘Played under perfect conditions on an inviting surface, it would be nice to say the game provided a classic, but that was far from the case.’
    • ‘Castini's interior is spacious and decorated in warm, inviting tones.’
    • ‘These works maintain a quiet, inviting tone all the more captivating for their utter lack of pretense.’
    • ‘These dishes are perfect party food, since they go a long way and are easily served up to family and friends without an ounce of pomp or pretension, on large inviting platters.’
    • ‘And quite suddenly, we reached Chinchon with its inviting Sakura flowering trees in white to light violet blooms.’
    • ‘Look at those soft, innocent, inviting eyes, those pouty pillowy lips.’
    • ‘It's talking about the disease, I hope, in a very open and inviting way.’
    • ‘But I'm not about inviting close to one hundred strangers into my home, no way.’
    tempting, enticing, alluring, beguiling, winning
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/inˈvīdiNG/ /ɪnˈvaɪdɪŋ/