Definition of invitingly in English:


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Pronunciation /inˈvīdiNGlē/ /ɪnˈvaɪdɪŋli/


See inviting

‘Atkinson is not only responsible for the words within the invitingly tactile covers, but she decided how her first collection of short stories should look - down to the silk bookmark.’
  • ‘‘I can be whatever you want me to be,’ he purrs invitingly.’
  • ‘Hill stations, majestically situated thousands of metres above sea level, are invitingly cool in December, a colourful new brochure reminds you.’
  • ‘Peaceful hideaways dotted invitingly throughout interrupted only occasionally by the splashes of a pair of swans and the melancholy soundings of the birds.’
  • ‘Squashy sofas nestle invitingly in the bay windows of the property's three reception rooms, and there are various seating alcoves scattered throughout.’



/inˈvīdiNGlē/ /ɪnˈvaɪdɪŋli/