Definition of invocatory in English:


Pronunciation /inˈväkəˌtôrē/ /ɪnˈvɑkəˌtɔri/


See invocation

  • ‘The youth music festival begins with an invocatory violin concert by Malavika and Sharada, both upcoming artistes.’
  • ‘The hunters’ booming, percussive harp rhythms and urgent invocatory singing seemed to be everywhere.’
  • ‘This segued into a musical section with the dancers joining the musicians, using gourds to enhance their invocatory circle and line dances.’
  • ‘Five dancers performed the invocatory item to Lord Krishna, which is the start of a Manipuri recital.’
  • ‘The concert started with a Pushpanjali in Nattai, the traditional invocatory piece.’



/inˈväkəˌtôrē/ /ɪnˈvɑkəˌtɔri/