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Pronunciation /ˌinvəˈl(y)o͞odəd/ /ˌɪnvəˈl(j)udəd/


  • Complicated or abstruse.

    ‘his involuted prose’
    • ‘In terms of Irish stereotypes, Beowulf seems like a Gaelic rather than a Celtic piece of art - canny, virile and earthbound rather than dreamy, spiritual and involuted.’
    • ‘Comedian and geek Samuel Johnson Danny O'Brien has put together a happening of such perfect, involuted cleverness that it takes the breath away.’
    • ‘Various theories propose that it was the product of paranoid madness, the involuted working of kinship-based rivalries, or a reasoned, rational punishment of treachery.’
    • ‘I'm fascinated by how involuted discussions of race and society become.’
    • ‘While it is not easy to fathom the chairman's involuted public locutions, he appears to have had more than one reason for his interest rate manipulations.’
    abstruse, obscure, arcane, recherché, rarefied, recondite, abstract, difficult, hard, puzzling, perplexing, enigmatic, inscrutable, cryptic, Delphic



/ˌinvəˈl(y)o͞odəd/ /ˌɪnvəˈl(j)udəd/