Definition of inyanga in English:


nouninyangas, izinyanga

South African
  • A traditional healer or diviner, especially one specializing in herbalism.

    • ‘The shop has a constant flow of customers, buying items on the instructions of an inyanga, a traditional healer who uses herbal remedies.’
    • ‘The health authorities in South Africa are beginning to work closely with sangomas and inyangas, the traditional healers, to try to encourage them to get their clients to actually visit hospitals and conventional doctors as well.’
    • ‘There are over 1,900 dried herbs in the shop, prescribed by inyangas or traditional healers.’
    • ‘Visitors can consult with an inyanga or traditional doctor, at the market.’
    • ‘Several readers have sent me a facsimile of a doctor's certificate from an inyanga stating that his patient needs two weeks off from work because of headaches.’
    sorcerer, sorceress, witch, wizard, warlock, enchanter, enchantress, necromancer, spellcaster, Druid, shaman, witch doctor, magus, alchemist


Zulu, ‘doctor, herbalist’.



/ɪnˈjaŋɡə/ /ɪnˈjɑːŋɡə/