Definition of ionic strength in English:

ionic strength

Pronunciation /īˈänik streNG(k)TH/ /aɪˈɑnɪk strɛŋ(k)θ/ /strenTH/ /strɛnθ/


  • A quantity representing the strength of the electric field in a solution, equal to the sum of the molalities of each type of ion present multiplied by the square of their charges.

    ‘High ionic strength chloride solutions are useful in many geological, environmental and industrial processes.’
    • ‘Sodium chloride solutions having ionic strengths of 14.5 mM - 145 mM were prepared using distilled water, with sorbitol added as appropriate to maintain isotonicity.’
    • ‘Adjusting the ionic strength of the surrounding solution and adding volume-excluding polymers provides additional control.’
    • ‘Thus, there is a good convergence in the general structure of the DNA irrespective of the ionic strength, and of the initial placement of ions.’
    • ‘We have also investigated the effect of the ionic strength on the supramolecular structures that are formed by these lipids.’