Definition of ionizing radiation in English:

ionizing radiation


mass noun
  • Radiation consisting of particles, X-rays, or gamma rays with sufficient energy to cause ionization in the medium through which it passes.

    • ‘This process is called ionization, and this capability had led to gamma radiation being termed ionizing radiation.’
    • ‘This energy is often in the form of ionizing radiation like x-rays or gamma rays.’
    • ‘This produces positively charged ions and so these forms of radiation are known as ionizing radiation.’
    • ‘But there are bacteria that are known to survive huge doses of ionising radiation, the cosmic ray type radiation and there are, in fact, certain types of bacteria that live inside a working nuclear reactor.’
    • ‘What they do is fire electrons at cells, the same charged particles that ionising radiation creates when it hits its target.’
    • ‘The potency of solar protons arises from what is called ionizing radiation - the proton, or ion, carries enough energy to eject an electron from an atom.’
    • ‘When high energy ionizing radiation strikes a biological sample, e.g., the human body, it will ionize molecules within the sample.’
    • ‘The long-term destructive force of the bomb would be ionizing radiation from the radioactive material.’
    • ‘The study investigates five possible causes of childhood cancer, of which the first two are ionising radiation and power-frequency electromagnetic fields.’
    • ‘The bill defines that state regulation of the safe use of nuclear power and ionising radiation and of safe management of radioactive waste and spent fuel will be carried out by the chairman of the Nuclear Regulation Agency.’
    • ‘When ionizing radiation passes through cellular tissue, it produces charged water molecules.’
    • ‘Lasers, like ionizing radiation, can be harmful to staff as well as the patients.’
    • ‘A bigger, 0.15 megaton bomb would see me bombarded with 500 rem ionizing radiation.’
    • ‘Each of the eight veterans tested showed damage to their chromosomes which experts believe could have resulted from exposure to ionising radiation released when depleted uranium weapons struck their targets.’
    • ‘Whether irradiated by linear accelerators or radioactive isotope pellets, the resulting ionising radiation produces highly reactive free radicals and peroxides from unsaturated fats.’
    • ‘Radiation is a potent mutagen, classified as UV or ionizing radiation.’
    • ‘As well as eliminating the risk associated with ionising radiation, magnetic resonance imaging has been shown to have superior diagnostic accuracy for many brain pathologies in children compared with computed tomography.’
    • ‘Populations subject to exponential decay arise in simple life-forms such as viruses subjected to ionising radiation, giving an exponential decrease with increasing radiation dose.’
    • ‘Ultraviolet light is a form of ionising radiation, which means it can change the structure of molecules.’
    • ‘Once beyond Earth's atmosphere, astronauts are exposed to ionizing radiation and microgravity.’