Definition of ippon in English:



  • A full point scored in judo, karate, and other martial sports.

    ‘he threw his opponent in the preliminary round for ippon’
    • ‘In Judo competition the objective is to score an ippon (one full point).’
    • ‘In November 1954, in Mannheim, Germany, Hirano scored all ippons in 34 minutes against 54 black belt opponents.’
    • ‘It took 12 minutes 57 seconds for Kimura to score 6 ippons in this championship.’
    • ‘In 1925, the Butokukai ruled that once an opponent was lifted up to the shoulder level, an ippon should be called.’
    • ‘Penalties play a major part in judo, and contestants are punished in different ways, ranging from a koka for small offences to an ippon for the most serious.’