Definition of ipsilateral in English:


Pronunciation /ˌipsəˈladərəl/ /ˌɪpsəˈlædərəl/


  • Belonging to or occurring on the same side of the body.

    • ‘If we could not find a unique single motor unit potential on the same side, the ipsilateral hypoglossal nerve was sectioned, and that half of the muscle became silent.’
    • ‘In case 4, the carcinomas in the submandibular gland and ipsilateral tonsil, the latter including an in situ component, were histologically similar keratinizing squamous tumors.’
    • ‘In intrathecal post-treatment group rats, although the number of FLI neurons of ipsilateral side decreased in the whole area of L4-5, there was no significant difference compared to control group.’
    • ‘As the child develops a preference for positioning, the ipsilateral sternocleidomastoid muscle shortens resulting in torticollis.’
    • ‘Metastases in the subcarinal or ipsilateral mediastinal lymph nodes, including the ipsilateral internal mammary nodes.’
    • ‘A deep lobe parotid tumour may only be identified clinically by careful examination of the oropharynx and ipsilateral tonsil to rule out asymmetry.’
    • ‘He or she then slides the guide wire up the iliac artery just past the renal arteries in the aorta on the ipsilateral (ie, primary) side.’
    • ‘The surgeon makes a horizontal incision 2 cm from the patient's midline on the contralateral side and extends on the ipsilateral side of the neck to the anterior border of the sternocleidomastoid muscle.’
    • ‘Focal neurologic deficits such as hemiparesis, speech difficulties (dominant hemisphere involvement), and visual field defects gradually ensue ipsilateral to the side of seizures.’
    • ‘Five months after her resection, a typical in situ and invasive squamous carcinoma of the ipsilateral tonsil was found, for which a pharyngectomy and partial mandibulectomy were done.’
    • ‘An ipsilateral central one-third patellar tendon autograft was used for all reconstructions.’
    • ‘Other symptoms include facial flushing or pallor, tenderness on palpation of the ipsilateral carotid artery, bradycardia, and abnormal feeling of scalp hairs.’
    • ‘In 4 of 11 patients whose lymph nodes were evaluated at this time, there was evidence of metastasis to the ipsilateral cervical lymph nodes.’
    • ‘The surgeon then slides the stent graft delivery system up the ipsilateral side using continuous fluoroscopy.’
    • ‘Another option would have been to stage two procedures using ipsilateral patellar tendon autografts.’
    • ‘Involvement of the seventh cranial nerve results in weakness of the ipsilateral facial muscles and a vesicular rash in the external ear (zoster oticus) or on the hard palate.’
    • ‘The incision is directed towards the ipsilateral ischial tuberosity, away from the anal sphincter.’
    • ‘Two or three sutures are placed between the paravaginal fascia on either side of the bladder neck and the base of the bladder and attached to the ipsilateral iliopectineal ligament.’
    • ‘A bone-patellar tendon graft was harvested from the ipsilateral knee for ligament reconstruction.’
    • ‘Firm evidence from two large trials has clarified the role of carotid endarterectomy in patients with ipsilateral severe carotid stenosis.’


Early 20th century formed irregularly from Latin ipse ‘self’+ lateral.



/ˌipsəˈladərəl/ /ˌɪpsəˈlædərəl/