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Pronunciation /iˈräkē/ /ɪˈrɑki/ /iˈrakē/ /ɪˈræki/ /īˈrakē/ /aɪˈræki/


  • Relating to Iraq, its people, or their language.

    ‘It was used alongside other intelligence material, giving the impression it came from Iraqi sources.’
    • ‘The makeshift chariots were pulled by Iraqi horses commandeered from looters in the area.’
    • ‘The vouchers allowed the bearer to buy Iraqi oil at cut-rate prices and could be sold for a profit.’
    • ‘The last time I checked, there were still Iraqi civilians living in Baghdad.’
    • ‘He added that labour needs in the area could also be a factor, as was the fact that Iraqi refugees were already settled there.’
    • ‘There were two Iraqi men hanging around, waiting for the shipment to be cleared.’
    • ‘We crossed the ridge at Chamchamal where a few days ago Iraqi troops peeled back towards Kirkuk.’
    • ‘His press conference was wrecked when 30 Iraqi and Arab journalists staged a walkout.’
    • ‘Arguments that there will be a reduction in harm have only been made if we ignore Iraqi suffering.’
    • ‘The roadside was dotted with Iraqi tanks blackened by direct hits on their dug-in dirt bunkers.’
    • ‘Canada may be sending a small number of soldiers to help train Iraqi soldiers in Jordan.’
    • ‘But it would be a mistake to follow them in seeing Iraqi politics in these communalist terms.’
    • ‘He said that foreign ownership of some Iraqi oil assets is a possibility.’
    • ‘The first two teams trained new Iraqi soldiers and have since returned to Australia.’
    • ‘It was unclear what caused the latest of three Iraqi pipeline blasts this month.’
    • ‘It is home to 3,000 Iraqi police recruits, each of whom gets eight weeks' basic training.’
    • ‘British military chiefs are desperate to hand over the responsibility to Iraqi police as soon as possible.’
    • ‘There have been reports he was found by Iraqi troops carrying out a routine search for a weapons cache.’
    • ‘As the cars raced along the dusty streets another Iraqi police vehicle converged on the Nissan, forcing it to a halt.’
    • ‘I believe the majority of Iraqi's are overwhelmingly grateful for our presence.’


  • 1A native or inhabitant of Iraq, or a person of Iraqi descent.

    ‘We need your help to carry on helping the Iraqis and Marsh Arab people at this critical time.’
    • ‘The remainder is made up of a mix of many different nationalities including Iraqis.’
    • ‘This gave the Iraqis an opportunity to show the Americans what they wanted to see.’
    • ‘I am basing it on all the available evidence of what real Iraqis actually think.’
    • ‘It is against this background that we can comment on or judge what is good or not for Iraqis.’
    • ‘The loss meant the Iraqis go home with nothing after becoming one of the success stories of the Games.’
    • ‘Only this will reduce the resistance and give Iraqis a chance to live normally.’
    • ‘They contain so much that is interesting about how Iraqis thought before and how they think now.’
    • ‘In the absence of such basic democracy, Iraqis are taking matters into their own hands.’
    • ‘The centre, where the vast majority of Iraqis live, will not have access to the oil wealth.’
    • ‘For any Iraqi who tries to present a noble project to help his own people they try to find a million ways to say no.’
    • ‘Thousands of Iraqi exiles living in Jordan and Syria are trying to return home to defend their country.’
  • 2The form of Arabic spoken in Iraq.



/iˈräkē/ /ɪˈrɑki/ /iˈrakē/ /ɪˈræki/ /īˈrakē/ /aɪˈræki/