Definition of Irish coffee in English:

Irish coffee


  • Coffee mixed with a dash of Irish whiskey and served with cream on top.

    count noun ‘Elaine made two Irish coffees’
    • ‘The products include value-added cheeses, baby foods, beverages, cream liqueurs and Irish coffee, as well as ingredients for a variety of snack foods and prepared ready meals.’
    • ‘‘That's when the Irish troubles began,’ says a grizzled wag in a Glandore pub, as we sample potent Irish coffee, laced with cream and whisky.’
    • ‘She sits, nursing the whipped cream atop her Irish coffee, musing about the bar's other customers.’
    • ‘Tired shoppers will also be able to pick up luxury foods and hot chocolate, mulled wine, buck's fizz and Irish coffee outside the Triangle in Exchange Square from December 1.’
    • ‘Even after conventional planes replaced flying boats after World War Two, Shannon airport was still used as a fuelling point, and Irish coffee continued to be extremely popular.’
    • ‘Prizes include Jesters merchandise, breakfast, Irish coffee or weekend carvery at Shenanigans, and sports shirts to name a few.’
    • ‘After this he sampled some Irish hospitality in Gallahue's Bar in the town and tasted Guinness but particularly liked Irish coffee.’
    • ‘A pudding of very good jam roly-poly and custard followed by Irish coffee rounded off what was an excellent meal.’
    • ‘He had been driving a mile home from a friend's house, where he had had wine and Irish coffee with Christmas dinner.’
    • ‘Frank works at the well-known Buena Vista Cafe in San Francisco which was the first place in the US to serve Irish coffees in 1952.’
    • ‘We did manage a Calypso coffee and an Irish coffee to finish off, but it was a struggle!’
    • ‘With such large portions, neither of us could get through to the desserts menu, but did manage to slip a cappuccino and an Irish coffee in for afters.’
    • ‘I grilled steaks, stuffed prawn cocktails into wine goblets, defrosted coq au vin and learnt to make Irish coffees, a thick layer of cream floating magically on the sweet, black, whisky-laden coffee.’
    • ‘As I sat in my hotel room that night - my mind scattered with information and three big Irish coffees - I pondered my final thoughts on the entire day's events.’
    • ‘After the Irish coffees at the conclusion of the meal I had written in my tasting notes ‘a fitting ending to a filling evening!’’
    • ‘Together with two Irish coffees and another two lagers, the final bill came to £34.75, good value considering the amount we had consumed.’
    • ‘We finished the evening with the most perfect Irish coffees I have ever tasted.’
    • ‘Madame had an Irish coffee and I had a glass of Muscat de Beaume de Venise 2001 for €9.50, served in a Paris goblet.’
    • ‘He ordered an Irish coffee and I ordered a shot of rye, straight up.’
    • ‘Before turning in, we lingered at the big fireplace in the hotel lobby and treated ourselves to a hot chocolate and an Irish coffee.’


Irish coffee

/ˈˌaɪrɪʃ ˈkɔfi/