Definition of Irish elk in English:

Irish elk


  • An extinct giant European and North African deer of the Pleistocene epoch, with massive antlers up to 10 feet (3 m) across.

    Megaloceros giganteus, family Cervidae

    • ‘Scientists at University College London studied DNA and skeletal remains of the extinct giant deer, or Irish elk, to construct its family tree.’
    • ‘The antlers of the giant deer, or Irish elk, grew as large as 10 feet across.’
    • ‘The Irish elk finally went extinct when the antlers became so large that the animals could no longer hold up their heads, or got entangled in the trees.’
    • ‘There was a Swiss boy who lived with his mother and stuffed whitebait, then found God in the eye of a fish; an American who re-created the extinct Irish elk; a man who shot a leopard so that he could bring life to something that was dead.’
    • ‘A famous case was his study of the Irish elk, a very large extinct deer with enormous antlers, much greater in proportion to the animal's size than is seen in modern deer.’
    • ‘The Irish elk is also known as the giant deer.’
    • ‘The team, though, said their new date for the Irish elk's extinction hints at an additional human-made problem - habitat destruction.’
    • ‘Female peacocks go for the huge, beautiful, but apparently dysfunctional tails of the male, and female Irish elks went for the male practically immobilized by the biggest antlers.’
    • ‘This is thought to explain the enormous antlers in species such as the Irish elk.’
    • ‘The bones of mammoth, woolly rhinoceros, lion, bison, and great Irish elk were found.’