Definition of Irish moss in English:

Irish moss

Pronunciation /ˈˌīriSH ˈmäs/ /ˈˌaɪrɪʃ ˈmɑs/


another term for carrageen
‘Kelp, bladder wrack, Irish moss and kombu are chock-full of iodine, and they can stoke a sluggish thyroid, speed up metabolism and assist in cellulite reduction.’
  • ‘A number of the treatments on offer are distinctly local including the wild Donegal seaweed wrap and the Irish moss hand nourishing treatment.’
  • ‘Marine extracts, such as bladder-wrack, kelp and Irish moss provide iodine which stimulates thyroid function.’
  • ‘Herbs corresponding with Mer-Magick include: bladderwrack, Atlantic kelp, Norwegian kelp, sea salt, Irish moss (chondrus crispus), agar, algae and seaweed.’
  • ‘Right now I'm off to get a nice big plate full of jerk chicken, a drink of some of that good old Irish moss.’
  • ‘Soothe dry skin irritations with chamomile, lavender, jasmine, elder flowers, red clover and herbs such as Irish moss, calendula, comfrey, marshmallow root and violets.’
  • ‘There are many more plants that will thrive in medium light, among them Irish moss, Tahitian bridal veil, heart-leaved philodendron, pitcher plant, and butterwort.’