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Irish setter

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Pronunciation /ˈīriSH ˈsedər/ /ˈaɪrɪʃ ˈsɛdər/


  • A dog of a breed of setter with a long, silky dark red coat and a long feathered tail.

    ‘A certain mutation has been shown to cause a completely red or yellow coat color in certain breeds such as Irish setters, yellow Labrador retrievers, and golden retrievers.’
    • ‘In our initial study of Mc1r variation in dogs, we determined the complete coding sequence in black and yellow Labrador retrievers, Newfoundlands, golden retrievers, Irish setters, flat-coated retrievers, and Doberman pinschers.’
    • ‘Llewellyn was adventurous in his pursuit of the perfect field setter, breeding Gordon and Irish setters to Lavarack's stock.’
    • ‘I've known some golden retrievers and Irish setters that act like teenagers until they're six.’
    • ‘The Weimeraner is originally a sporting breed, like the Irish setter.’
    • ‘Other sources indicate the Irish setter was used in early breeding - the collie's sable color may be the indirect result of such a cross.’
    • ‘In 1889 two officers at Fort Totten, Dakota Territory, who had received three Irish setters from back East were predicting a ‘great slaughter of birds this fall.’’
    • ‘Two brown-and-black Irish setters surrounded the children and started barking furiously.’
    • ‘He nearly nailed a big Irish setter a hundred feet to the right of the runway that time. The spasmodic leap, then bewilderment on that dog's face was the stuff of campfire-story legend.’
    • ‘Dad once shook hands with a man who owned an Irish setter, which pretty much makes you emerald green to the core in these parts.’
    • ‘The Irish setter, owned by N. Raghuraj of Bangalore, claimed a double, the best dog bred in India and best on show while the boxer owned by Jamitt Henry was adjudged the best puppy.’
    • ‘Out of the city in North Baddesley lives Hugo, a one-year-old Irish setter whose ‘official’ name is The Pearlfisher from Strathmead.’
    • ‘As I approached the gate by man I assumed was the gardener with an old Irish setter trotting at his heels.’
    • ‘He gave Rick a wide-eyed, pleading look, like an Irish setter expecting a reprimand.’
    • ‘In the Piazza del Comune, the Irish setter that always lay in front of the confectionery store was gone.’
    • ‘Ayana watched him go, and then turned her attention to the female Irish setter sitting closest to her.’
    • ‘An Irish setter leaned up close to Duffy and gazed into his pale blue eyes.’
    • ‘He thought of how he loved watching her sitting on the grass with the Irish setter.’
    • ‘I've been able to read my favourite things again - Gardener's World Magazine, a newsletter about Irish setter dogs, and your newspaper!’


Irish setter

/ˈīriSH ˈsedər/ /ˈaɪrɪʃ ˈsɛdər/