Definition of Irish stew in English:

Irish stew

Pronunciation /ˈˌīriSH ˈst(y)o͞o/ /ˈˌaɪrɪʃ ˈst(j)u/

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  • A stew made with mutton or other meat, potatoes, and onions.

    ‘While the middle and upper class could feed themselves with soda bread, apple tarts and Irish stews, the poor often would eat simply potatoes supplemented by salted herrings in winter and cabbage in summer.’
    • ‘Today is St Patrick's Day and one thing you can be sure of in Ireland is a good Irish stew, made with lamb neck, onions and potatoes.’
    • ‘Yesterday I had something that was supposed to be a spicy beef fajitas - except it tasted like Irish stew wrapped in a soggy pancake.’
    • ‘My mother used to mould small round dumplings and toss them into our Irish stew.’
    • ‘Anne has made Irish stew and cabbage and bacon and hired band The Wild Rovers for the night.’
    • ‘He has had to work hard to stave off competition from big retailers, and specialist sausages and oven-ready dishes like Irish stew and chicken with lemon and coriander sauce are a big part of the business.’
    • ‘You won't get better Irish stew anywhere and his apple tarts are second to none.’
    • ‘She handed the Hughes their menus and left them to decide knowing full well that Mr. Hughes would order Irish stew and Mrs. Hughes would ask for a turkey sandwich on white, no dressing thank you, and a side of fruit.’
    • ‘The annual Irish stew and champ night in aid of the Burren Lourdes Invalid Fund will be held in the Social Club on Friday, November 18 at 8pm.’
    • ‘If you're mad for Irish stew, song, coffee, whiskey and brew (in green, gold and black), you know where to go on parade day and St. Patrick's Day.’
    • ‘They used to serve oysters with the creamy pint, but the Crown menu now consists solely of Irish stew, composed, as is traditional, of best-end neck of mutton, potatoes, onions and no carrots.’
    • ‘Doors open at 9pm and Irish stew will be served - tickets cost £5.’
    • ‘He likes Irish stew to, while the elder son does not.’
    • ‘The result is like a particularly unappetising Irish stew - dense, lumpy, and virtually impossible to digest.’
    • ‘For the main course I had the Thai equivalent of Irish stew.’
    • ‘She was a splendid cook and was known for her speciality, Irish stew.’
    • ‘They smelled like flannel pajamas that hadn't been washed for a month, or like Irish stew.’
    • ‘I had a three course meal last night - oxtail soup for starter, Irish stew for main course and sherry trifle for dessert.’
    • ‘The mood there was relaxed and happy and following a fine helping of Irish stew and the odd Ale, prizes were awarded.’
    • ‘Then into the Classroom for Happy Hour with a great helping of Irish stew.’