Definition of Irishness in English:



See Irish

  • ‘John Hume's brain wave of issuing a certificate of Irishness to the millions of people around the world who claim Irish descent - at a price of course - is pretty ingenious.’
  • ‘The fact that ‘we’ were in their country for a few hundred years might be considered a good reason to be thoroughly well acquainted with ‘what Irishness is’.’
  • ‘And, in this regard, Harry believed that his Irishness was a help in befriending the Nigerians as it did not carry with it the colonial baggage of the former rulers.’
  • ‘The text, with is interlinear drawings and decorated initials composed of human and animal figures, has become emblematic of Ireland and Irishness.’
  • ‘Their expression of Irishness is getting drunk on St. Patricks day and having some weird desire to support Notre Dame football team.’