Definition of iritic in English:




See iritis

‘An eye dosed with the compound and promptly washed had slight conjunctivitis which no corneal or iritic effect and was normal within 3 days.’
  • ‘Washing the eye at 30 seconds alleviated the conjunctival and iritic symptoms and prevented the development of corneal lesions.’
  • ‘Corneal disease was the most common cause of blindness in study groups, followed by iritic disease and cataract while the main cause of poor vision was cataract, then corneal and iritic diseases.’
  • ‘Mild lacrimation, but no corneal or iritic effect, was seen after solution was sprayed directly into the eyes of rabbits.’
  • ‘Different conditions may cause secondary open angle glaucoma, these include pigment dispersion glaucoma, pseudoexfoliation glaucoma, iritic glaucoma and post traumatic glaucoma.’