Definition of iron gang in English:

iron gang


Australian historical
  • A group of convicts assigned to hard labour in fetters.

    ‘some received floggings and others were sent to the iron gangs’
    • ‘These iron gangs consist of the most hardened ruffians, who are sent to expiate their crimes.’
    • ‘He was stationed here in charge of an iron gang (for the purpose of forming this portion of the Great North Road).’
    • ‘They had been before either at Penal Settlements, or in iron gangs.’
    • ‘They performed in the huts of the "iron gangs" when they reached their melancholy destination half a world from their native lands.’
    • ‘There was a separate stockade for the iron gang.’
    • ‘With the iron gang, he had no opportunity of continuing his potations.’
    • ‘He allowed an iron gang to fill up an allotment in the street.’
    • ‘He was the overseer of my iron-gang.’
    • ‘The prisoner, upon his arrival, is to be sent to the iron gang.’
    • ‘He was placed into an iron gang, and eventually sent to Moreton Bay.’