Definition of iron man in English:

iron man


(also ironman)
  • 1(especially in sporting contexts) an exceptionally strong or robust man.

    ‘What was the iron man of baseball doing in Kannapolis, N.C., of all places, retiring a No.3 jersey in honor of the late Dale Earnhardt?’
    • ‘The guy is not glamorous, he really is very strong indeed, and a bit of an iron man when it comes to chess stamina.’
    • ‘It is not beyond the bounds of reasonable possibility to suggest that the Ballymac iron man could add another notch or two to that belt in the years ahead.’
    • ‘But once the recruits become used to the pace of training, Staff Sergeant Wilborn relaxes a bit, becoming more like a coach and less like an iron man.’
    • ‘Bishop, who pitched for the Steinbach Steelers at the 1977 Fastball Nationals in Hull, Quebec, is the iron man of Canadian softball.’
    • ‘There is something reminiscent of Thomas Muster in Nadal's game, and facing the Austrian iron man was like facing a relentless barrage.’
    • ‘A Swindon iron man forced to postpone a mammoth 100-mile charity run last year has vowed to give it another shot.’
    • ‘He has developed into an iron man of sorts and compensated for any shortcomings through hard work and a drive to validate the team's decision to sign him after he went undrafted in 1999.’
    • ‘Point guard Aaron Miles will need to be an iron man at the point, since new coach Bill Self doesn't have another dependable option there.’
    • ‘And though he was an iron man, even he needed time for rejuvenation.’
    • ‘Wood emerged as an iron man who could not be stopped by lack of food, extremes of heat and cold, or even a spider bite that left his leg badly infected.’
    • ‘Even Ripken, baseball's iron man, has reached twilight.’
    • ‘We drank one each, then a second, and, as I made my excuses and left, this iron man was calling for a third pint.’
    • ‘He is regarded as Australia's hottest iron man and surf swimming talent.’
    • ‘It was not a game for amateurs, but for iron men and battered, thick-hulled workboats, if at all.’
    • ‘With daring and flair, he defies the myth of Sherpas as silent types - the all-but-invisible iron men who've been saving Western mountaineers in the Death Zone for decades.’
    • ‘The iron men and women of Kerry proved their mettle at the weekend when they competed in a gruelling triathlon to raise funds for a worthy cause.’
    • ‘The Great River Swim starts at 1.10 pm when iron men and women challenge each other to race to Chiswick Eyot and back.’
    • ‘A new gauntlet has been slapped down to test the mettle of the iron men and women of South Lakeland and the UK.’
    • ‘Injuries always are unpredictable and this year they have hit iron men Eddie, Emmitt and James.’
    muscleman, strongman, macho, macho man, iron man, Hercules, Atlas, Samson, Tarzan
    1. 1.1 Trademark often as modifier A multi-event sporting contest demanding stamina, in particular a consecutive triathlon of swimming, cycling, and running.
      ‘One day she'd like to compete in the Olympics and even the Ironman, the most arduous triathlon in the world.’
      • ‘Among elite athletes who endure the intense swim-bike-run race called the Ironman, those leading the pack have a different mind-set than stragglers.’
      • ‘I won the Ironman and Austria Grand Prix, but finished second at both the Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic and San Francisco Grand Prix.’
      • ‘Even if she skips the Ironman this year, Ratkovic plans to conquer the race soon, and she won't go without the intention of winning.’
      • ‘The race's everyman appeal could make it the next Ironman, and that level of success would be just fine.’


iron man

/ˈī(ə)rn man/ /ˈaɪ(ə)rn mæn/