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iron ore

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  • A rock or mineral from which iron can be profitably extracted.

    ‘There are deposits of gold, oil, limestone, phosphates, iron ore, kaolin, and silica sand.’
    • ‘There are large reserves of coal, iron ore, and other minerals, including off-shore oil fields.’
    • ‘The underground pursuit of iron ore here did not require timbering because the rock was so hard and dense.’
    • ‘The andradite crystals are part of a large skarn deposit that was once mined for iron ore.’
    • ‘In the 1960s huge mineral finds, chiefly iron ore, gave the state its second mining boom and industries which did not have to be cosseted.’
    • ‘They smear their bodies with ochre, a reddish pigment extracted from iron ore.’
    • ‘Both siderite and massive pyrite were mapped as noncommercial iron ore by the Eagle mine staff.’
    • ‘You probably have heard of iron ore, but how is it that you extract a metal from a rock?’
    • ‘These included vast amounts of iron ore, huge reserves of coal and electricity, and two of the world's largest explosives factories.’
    • ‘There aren't too many sites where we can have that and proximity to coal for the coking ovens and to iron ore and copper ore and tin.’
    • ‘In 1840 iron ore had only recently been discovered and anthracite coal mining had not yet begun.’
    • ‘In between, the anchors watch stocks in these sectors and pronounce that coal has gone up, or iron ore is flattish.’
    • ‘There are also deposits of tantalite, iron ore, uranium, copper, gold, and diamonds.’
    • ‘Robe is regarded as one of the world's most cost effective, consistent and reliable suppliers of iron ore.’
    • ‘Geraldton will be a distribution point for Mt Gibson iron ore, but only if the redevelopment of the Geraldton Port goes ahead.’
    • ‘The engine was a once a proud sight on the West Coast main line, but in its final days, it hauled iron ore from Birkenhead to Shotton steelworks in north Wales.’
    • ‘The reaction of some hydrocarbons with iron ores is exothermic, so that additional heat may not be required.’
    • ‘They are found throughout the world and are the most important iron ore in the world today.’
    • ‘For more than half a century, Minnesota's iron ranges supplied the iron ore that fed the nation's steel mills.’
    • ‘The country now has less than 18 billion tons of exploitable iron ore reserves with a tenor below 30 per cent.’


iron ore

/ˈī(ə)rn ô(ə)r/ /ˈaɪ(ə)rn ɔ(ə)r/