Definition of ironical in English:



See ironic

‘The scene near the Chennai Kaliappa Hospital, on Tuesday was supremely ironical, and drew sharp reactions from tree lovers who were passing by.’
  • ‘It is, therefore, ironical that a city that was once at the cutting edge of the knowledge economy is in sleep mode, even as competitors like Chennai, Pune and Hyderabad get ahead.’
  • ‘There's the ironical side of things, too, as American scramble to get into Mexico for refuge from the cold - crossing the Rio Grande into the country, as illegal immigrants.’
  • ‘Aristotle said Irony better befits a gentleman than buffoonery; the ironical man jokes to amuse himself, the buffoon to amuse other people…’
  • ‘In our four-dimensional universe, as ironical as it may sound, ‘distance’ will be the only crucial factor left in keeping two people together.’