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Pronunciation /ˈīərnˌwer/ /ˈaɪərnˌwɛr/


  • Articles made of iron, typically domestic implements.

    as modifier ‘exquisite handcrafted ironware tables’
    • ‘Even so, about 400 relics, including silverware, jade ware, copperware, ironware and earthenware, were found during excavation work.’
    • ‘With the push of the northeast monsoon, their dhows brought ironware, glassware, textiles, and took home rhino horn, ivory and slaves.’
    • ‘Many industrial commodities, such as small ironware or cloth, were produced by scattered domestic workers, and in any case had a high value which could bear the cost of transport.’
    • ‘While in Halfmoon Bay the party went to Kaipipi where the Norwegian whalers had their base and saw the foundations of old buildings, much ironware, and a large boiler.’
    • ‘I don't see her having the patience to stand on a traffic island for 15 minutes, waiting for bits of astronomical ironware to get their act together.’
    • ‘It was a true colony, a completely imported world: craftsmen, artisans, peasant settlers, ironware - all brought across the Irish Sea.’
    • ‘With large amounts of skill and brute force, Chris put the aircraft down and saved a very expensive piece of Her Majesty's ironware, all of this in a situation where he would have been justified in bailing out.’
    • ‘In the kitchen, a cabinet full of white ironware - a mismatched bunch, each for less than $30, is topped by a black tray and lamp.’
    • ‘The reliance of neighboring farmers, millers, and tradesmen on local smiths for many of their ironware needs is well-known.’
    • ‘Besides drink and foodstuffs the pack trains brought in the pickaxes, shovels and other ironware that the miners required when sinking shafts to reach bedrock.’
    • ‘These dishes include an imperial sizzling platter with chicken, seafood and noodles that comes to the table hissing on an ironware plate.’
    • ‘This economy cast ironware casserole dish allows the highest quality possible at an affordable price.’
    • ‘The company has undertaken uncountable ironware decorative projects in the past several years.’
    • ‘All of our wrought ironware is hand made and finished with beeswax for a luxurious, authentic, look and feel.’
    • ‘The product and service search machine of IndustryStock contains more relevant results ironware.’
    • ‘The Mogami River and the port of Sakata played a major role in the development of Yamagata as an ironware production center.’
    • ‘Afterwards, Chinese ironware was introduced farther to the north part of the Korea Peninsula across the Yalu River.’
    • ‘Bob forges the ironware that we stock in our store and our catalog.’
    • ‘Offering to sell ironware, ironmongery, iron door fittings, iron window fittings, iron cabinet fittings, iron door hardware and iron window hardware.’
    • ‘Nanbu ironware was designated a traditional craft by the Japanese government in 1975.’



/ˈīərnˌwer/ /ˈaɪərnˌwɛr/