Definition of irradiator in English:


Pronunciation /iˈrādēˌādər/ /ɪˈreɪdiˌeɪdər/


See irradiate

‘A national network of large-scale contract irradiation facilities has meant that healthcare companies no longer need to build in-house irradiators.’
  • ‘Irradiations were carried out on ice in cobalt - 60 irradiators.’
  • ‘Now that they have their foot in the door of the nation's entire food supply, the corporate food irradiators are off and running.’
  • ‘Papaya is the major crop treated for fruit-fly infestation using the irradiator.’
  • ‘Recently, MDS Nordion built what Brinston calls a fully automated irradiator for a medical customer.’



/iˈrādēˌādər/ /ɪˈreɪdiˌeɪdər/