Definition of irreformable in English:


Pronunciation /ˌirəˈfôrməbəl/ /ˌɪrəˈfɔrməbəl/


  • (chiefly of religious dogma) unable to be revised or altered.

    • ‘Of course, there is that little problem of irreformable dogma.’
    • ‘Every so - called development is, in fact, a radical change, a contradiction, and an effort to reform the irreformable.’
    • ‘How can an irreformable statement be ‘positively reformulated’?’
    • ‘And as the Pontifical Commission points out, the sentence of 1633 was not irreformable.’
    • ‘George Galloway's expulsion from the Labour Party will mean that many activists will conclude that New Labour is irreformable.’
    inveterate, habitual, confirmed, hardened



/ˌirəˈfôrməbəl/ /ˌɪrəˈfɔrməbəl/