Definition of irrefragable in English:


Pronunciation /iˈrefrəɡəb(ə)l/ /ɪˈrɛfrəɡəb(ə)l/


  • Not able to be refuted or disproved; indisputable.

    • ‘What remains, then, is the results column: and the indisputable, ineluctable, irrefragable proof that money can buy success in sport.’
    • ‘There was the irrefragable need for the British to effect transfers of wealth to London on the Company's accounts as well as those of private agents, who were often Company employees.’
    • ‘So a supporter is by definition powerless; all he can do is make life hell for people and that, football has long agreed, is his irrefragable right.’
    incontrovertible, incontestable, undeniable, irrefutable, unassailable, beyond dispute, unquestionable, beyond question, indubitable, not in doubt, beyond doubt, beyond a shadow of a doubt, unarguable, inarguable, undebatable, unanswerable


Mid 16th century from late Latin irrefragabilis, from in- ‘not’ + refragari ‘oppose’.



/iˈrefrəɡəb(ə)l/ /ɪˈrɛfrəɡəb(ə)l/