Definition of irregularly in English:


Pronunciation /i(r)ˈreɡyələrlē/ /ɪ(r)ˈrɛɡjələrli/ /əˈreɡyələrlē/ /əˈrɛɡjələrli/

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  • 1In a way that is not even or balanced in shape or arrangement.

    ‘irregularly shaped holes’
    • ‘irregularly spaced stones’
    • ‘He showed three modest-size freestanding stone sculptures with flinty, irregularly faceted surfaces.’
    • ‘In two of the works, the surface has been irregularly gridded into a Mondrian-like architectonic structure.’
    • ‘As with the irregularly shaped planets whose wire armatures appeared to be bent by hand, these imperfect stars were made sweet by their tacky nonchalance.’
    • ‘The pavilion is a blocky mass riven by five deep crevices and raised on uneven and irregularly placed columns.’
    • ‘Irregularly placed circular roof lights complement the eccentric circular desk.’
    • ‘An irregularly shaped cistern is meant to receive varying amounts of water during the operation of the machine.’
    • ‘The slats are spaced irregularly, imitating the look of an aging, weathered barn that has begun to lose some boards.’
    • ‘Its wall space is irregularly punctuated by windows, while the ceilings are flat and supported by wooden beams.’
    • ‘The lesions are irregularly shaped, light-brown spots found primarily on leaves, but also on stems, petioles, and pods.’
    • ‘That second room housed five imposing industrial glass vases irregularly spaced and filled with water from the fountain.’
    asymmetrically, unevenly, lopsidedly
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    1. 1.1At uneven or varying rates or intervals.
      ‘my heart was beating irregularly’
      • ‘ovulation may occur irregularly’
      • ‘The propagator of the thesis is the founding editor of an irregularly published journal of socioeconomic commentary.’
      • ‘For the rest of his career, he would appear irregularly on television in various specials.’
      • ‘The obligations of family, which required every member to contribute to a shared income, were difficult to meet when works sold irregularly.’
      • ‘It was a TV series, loosely speaking, that aired frequently but irregularly on the VH1 cable network from 1996 to 2002.’
      • ‘Because the action comes irregularly and is punctuated by periods of character building and exposition, the production stumbles.’
      • ‘Grands Jours, which the king convoked irregularly, provided a means to reassert royal authority in problematic areas.’
      • ‘He disagrees with the notion that Spenser was alienated from the queen and court, his only reward being exile and a small irregularly paid pension.’
      • ‘Over his entire writing career, these four sources perhaps made roughly equal financial contributions, though, of course, they did so irregularly.’
      • ‘The music just starts, as if it had always been there, ticks along irregularly for three-quarters of an hour, and then just ends.’
      • ‘Partly because she was published so irregularly, she had a growing body of work to draw from when she made submissions to magazines or when she compiled her books.’
      erratically, at irregular intervals, intermittently, by fits and starts, in fits and starts, on and off, off and on, fitfully, patchily, haphazardly, unsystematically, unmethodically, inconsistently, unsteadily, unevenly, variably, sporadically, spasmodically, episodically, discontinuously, interruptedly, occasionally, piecemeal
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  • 2In a manner contrary to that which is normal or established.

    ‘a colleague was behaving irregularly’
    • ‘At least 60 others reportedly returned title deeds for land acquired irregularly.’
    • ‘The possibility of irregularities in the balloting has prompted an audit into an irregularly high number of "yes" votes.’
    • ‘It is not clear at this stage whether the vouchers could have been used irregularly by a third party or by a travel agent.’
    • ‘She has denied that she acted irregularly.’
    • ‘It is the department, he claims, that is acting unlawfully and irregularly.’
    • ‘He served as canonical counselor and defender of the first Episcopal women priests irregularly ordained.’
    • ‘The court dismissed their objections that the General Assembly acted irregularly in asking the court for an opinion.’
    • ‘What we were seeing was a manager behaving irregularly, what he was doing didn't concur with manager's work.’
    • ‘The court had every right to invalidate a sale conducted irregularly.’
    • ‘They conceded that the judgment had been obtained irregularly.’
  • 3Grammar
    (with reference to inflections of a verb or other word) in a way that does not conform to the usual rules.

    ‘an irregularly conjugating verb’
    • ‘an irregularly inflected plural’
    • ‘Only correct reactions from the regularly and irregularly inflected verb conditions were analyzed.’
    • ‘A same root form verb could be varied regularly and irregularly depending on the morpheme which comes after the stem.’
    • ‘Irregularly inflected verbs are related with the temporal lobe.’
    • ‘The verb savoir ('to know') is the only verb forming irregularly the imperfect indicative.’
    • ‘Modals are special verbs which behave very irregularly in English.’