Definition of irreparably in English:



  • In a way that is impossible to rectify or repair.

    ‘his eye had been damaged irreparably’
    ‘our international image has been irreparably tarnished’
    • ‘Much like the steady drop-off of band members over the years, the rotating talent pool of guest vocal chanteuses has irreparably thinned.’
    • ‘One must question the freedom of late which allows the press to irreparably annihilate an individual's reputation without proper investigation.’
    • ‘She also reported having a belief, for some time prior to the killings, that she had somehow damaged her children irreparably.’
    • ‘In their view, one year's delay in launch would not damage the business opportunity irreparably.’
    • ‘In the process they irreparably fractured Creek society.’
    • ‘He was removed from his post, sent back home, and, in his own words, "deeply and irreparably injured."’
    • ‘I believe my character has been seriously and irreparably impeached.’
    • ‘If anything, their multiplication has divided New England immoderately and perhaps irreparably.’
    • ‘It's an issue that's created a lot of strife in the community, sometimes irreparably hurting relationships.’
    • ‘She was furious, since these letters contained several humorous depictions that would tarnish the family's reputation, perhaps irreparably.’