Definition of irresistibly in English:


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  • 1In a way that is too attractive and tempting to be resisted.

    ‘men are irresistibly attracted to her’
    • ‘their eyes were drawn irresistibly back to the house’
    • ‘The film's closing track is an irresistibly jovial Irish jig.’
    • ‘The spectacular firework display finale is a charming end to an irresistibly likeable performance.’
    • ‘She is the movie's sexpot, a siren that irresistibly attracts men.’
    • ‘Women were the vortex personified for Hitchcock, alluring sirens that drew you irresistibly to your doom.’
    • ‘You get off the train and walk south, drawn irresistibly towards the mighty red portico carved out of the building itself.’
    • ‘It's a comfortable, irresistibly charming place to visit.’
    • ‘Why these kids find him irresistibly cool is beyond me.’
    • ‘The ridges formed by the edges of the underlying shapes interrupt the smoothness of the glossy surfaces and provide the works with an irresistibly tactile appeal.’
    • ‘Although he was notoriously ugly, he was irresistibly attractive to women.’
    • ‘His performances are irresistibly vivacious, dramatic, and rhythmically compelling.’
    1. 1.1In a way that is too powerful or convincing to be resisted.
      ‘I am irresistibly reminded of the advice of a friend of mine’
      • ‘The equation of human life with a transitory show struck Shakespeare's contemporaries as irresistibly true.’
      • ‘This storm irresistibly propels him into the future to which his back is turned, while the pile of debris before him grows skyward.’
      • ‘He felt some dark presence moving irresistibly upon him from the darkness.’
      • ‘There is nothing ostensibly subversive about the images in theological terms, but they seem irresistibly to evoke the vicious pagan anti-type.’
      • ‘The arrival of the beard in the late 1870s irresistibly suggests a change in Brahms, a retreat from a young romantic view into the severe classicism of the crusty bachelor.’
      • ‘We still irresistibly trust that those carved stones can somehow vault us over the millennia to a kind of psychic and even perceptual proximity to their subject.’
      • ‘The facts that bear a peculiar character irresistibly suggest a peculiar cause.’
      • ‘His nostrils itched irresistibly, and through a series of sneezes the truth exploded.’
      • ‘The viewer is irresistibly embroiled in the act of creation, and thereby marked forever with the power of his gorgeous creations.’
      • ‘The spiraling open-air ramp irresistibly recalls the gravity-defying swirls of Tecton's penguin pool.’



/ˌi(r)rəˈzistəblē/ /ˌɪ(r)rəˈzɪstəbli/