Definition of irresolute in English:



  • Showing or feeling hesitancy; uncertain.

    ‘she stood irresolute outside his door’
    • ‘His delivery is purposefully nervous, artfully irresolute.’
    • ‘Gimmicks like that were the stuff of the weak and the irresolute.’
    • ‘Yet the more nuanced language of Edmund Stoiber gave the impression that he was irresolute and wavering.’
    • ‘The man of sanguine temperament builds high hopes where the timid despair, and the irresolute are lost in doubt.’
    • ‘People staggered before the abyss, unsteady, irresolute.’
    • ‘That's just what voters need - another referendum passed down by bureaucrats who are too irresolute to do their jobs.’
    • ‘They were prone to be shaky and irresolute, he explained - and might even betray the nation's servicemen.’
    • ‘The play calls for Elizabeth to gradually learn the rules, reaching the same irresolute state as the adults who surround her.’
    • ‘As it is, disparity maintains an irresolute space in which one concept can neither overrule the other nor resolve the destruction waged.’
    • ‘Much of it boils down to little more than a group of disgruntled notions sloshing around in irresolute minds.’
    • ‘Branding is a sign, not of the dynamic accumulation of capital, but of weakness and irresolute leadership.’
    • ‘Inactive and irresolute, she has been adrift for months now, personally and professionally.’
    • ‘After previous outrages we had been irresolute and appeared unwilling to defend ourselves.’
    • ‘I think a bit of Europe will be a very good thing for the present, or as long as I'm in this irresolute mood.’
    • ‘Affirmative and ambiguous, we are invited to critically examine our own fear of and fascination with the mysterious and irresolute.’
    • ‘But this year, for some reason, I was very irresolute about it.’
    • ‘His partner Doyle, an Anglicised Irishman, laments his fellow-countrymen's irresolute dreaming and victim culture.’
    • ‘He was following me no longer; he stood irresolute.’
    • ‘It is also a shame that Daldry felt he had to finish his film with a ‘feel-good’ conclusion that is at odds with a generally irresolute tone.’
    indecisive, hesitant, tentative, nervous, weak
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Late 16th century from Latin irresolutus ‘not loosened’, or from in-‘not’ + resolute.