Definition of irritably in English:


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Pronunciation /ˈirədəblē/ /ˈɪrədəbli/


See irritable

  • ‘For the next month male deer will be irritably scratching and shaking their heads until their majestic antlers fall off.’
  • ‘He looked down irritably at the mess, then defiantly at me, and walked on, passing a litter bin without so much as a glance.’
  • ‘There are no insufferable people socializing irritably around their outdoor dining tables.’
  • ‘He flexed his hands on the reins, causing his stallion to shake his head and snort irritably as its bit was jerked slightly.’
  • ‘A few of her groupies snickered, but as Izzy glanced irritably over her shoulder, they all silenced.’



/ˈirədəblē/ /ˈɪrədəbli/